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Located in the heart of Atlanta, Lucky Lotus is one of the top juice bars in America serving the best acai bowls within the city.

Photos by Madison + Park

Lucky Lotus opened in October 2015 and is located inside Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia-USA. Since then, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and owner, Chantel Jiroch, has been serving some of the best smoothies and acai bowls in Atlanta. Her unwavering focus to provide the best smoothies, acai bowls and customer service are just a few secrets to why Lucky Lotus is buzzing around the city.

Lucky Lotus attracts some of Atlanta’s well know public figures, influencers, and tourist to Ponce City Market consistently. The brand and culture of this savvy juice bar reflects the hip sensibilities of the city while also paying tribute to creatives and those promoting a healthier lifestyle. Lucky Lotus famous yellow cups and bowls presents an attractive option to taste flavors that will send your taste buds a blast of flavor. Located on the 1st floor in the center of Ponce City Market, makes your juice bar experience easy to access.






675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
at Ponce City Market
Atlanta, Georgia 30308



Mon.-Fri. 8am - 9pm
Sat. 11am–9pm
Sun. 11am–8pm

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