Impossible Burger


The plant based meat craze is taking over.

What do you think about the new plant-based meat phenomenon that’s rapidly growing in popularity?

Veggie burgers have been around for a while — why are these new products any different? here’s a quote i’ve read that said it perfectly.

“The meatless meat products on the market today are different in one important way: An alternative meat, like a Beyond Meat burger or the Impossible Burger, is a product made from plants that is meant to taste like meat, be marketed to meat-eating customers, and replace some of those customers’ meat purchases. That’s what makes them different from veggie burgers, which have typically been aimed mostly at vegetarians.”

We recently attended the launch of the impossible ground burger “meat” and it was amazing to see how far the meatless industry have come.

Founder Patrick O’ Brown

Founder Patrick O’ Brown

Is eating meatless meat healthier than eating actual meat?

Plant-based meat is absolutely safe — but it’s not a health food. “Plant-based means it’s of ingredients that come from plants,” he told me, but that doesn’t mean you’re eating a salad — “they are processed foods.” As a result, they’re likely less healthy than unprocessed veggies.

What about the heme used in impossible burger?

The Impossible Burger “bleeds” like meat because it uses heme, a protein found in red meat that Impossible Foods grows from yeast. Some analysts raised worries that the Impossible Burger might, due to the heme, have the same negative health effects — like elevated risk of cancer and heart attacks — sometimes associated with red meat. An exhaustive review of the nutrition literature by Business Insider last year found that there are no signs heme is the reason red meat has those effects.

In conclusion, plant based meat is a glimmer of hope for conserving our planet. Farming consumes 45% of Earth's land and contributes to more than 18% of global greenhouse gases. Slaughtered animals will decrease and our red meat consumption will reduce. Ultimately, consumers will decide if its here to stay or not.

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